Your Perfect Prom Dress – Part 1

Not quite sure what looks good on you? Still trying to figure out what compliments your figure and your coloring? Here’s your very own guide to finding your perfect prom dress

Picking the perfect color…

Instinctively, we often know that certain colors look good on us, but you might be surprised that some colors you’ve been avoiding look FABULOUS on you!

One member of the Virtuous Prom team avoided wearing black her entire life up until the past few years. She had been told by an “expert” that black would wash her out and that she should avoid it at all cost. After not a little begging, we finally convinced her to give black a chance. She looks absolutely fantastic in it! It makes her eyes sparkle and brings all the focus to her face, which is what a flattering color ought to do – compliment your natural coloring and bring the focus to YOU!

One great, ten minute trick to finding your perfect color palette is to take scarves, fabric or even t-shirts of different colors, stand in front of a mirror, and drape them around your neck. Close your eyes and then open them. What do you see first – the color or your face? Colors that are “your” colors” should draw attention to your face, not pull attention away from it. If the first thing you see when you open your eyes is your face, that color is for you!

Who We Are & What We Do!

We at Virtuous Prom are pleased to offer a wide selection of modest dresses, from casual dresses that transition from day to night, to formals and prom dresses to wedding dresses.

At Virtuous Prom, we are firmly committed to providing fashionable, beautiful dresses that never compromise style, scheduling or your budget. We’re constantly researching trends and styles around the globe to bring you unique, gorgeous, beautifully handmade dresses that are just as special as you are! Many of our dresses feature hand beading and our other materials range from organza to tulle to sequins to chiffon – and so much more!

We believe that dressing modestly shouldn’t be inconvenient. Most of our dresses are available 50% more quickly than most other modest dresses on the market. Most of our dresses are available within 3-5 weeks, instead of the industry standard 8-10! We also never, ever charge rush shipping. If you have a deadline, we simply do our best to ensure your dress gets to you in plenty of time at no extra cost to you! At Virtuous Prom, excellent customer service is free with every order!

We firmly believe that dressing modestly shouldn’t break the bank. Unfortunately, some companies take advantage of the fact that modest dresses are harder to find and charge much more than is reasonable for a dress. $450 for a prom dress? Not at Virtuous Prom!

Virtuous Prom was founded to make modesty easier in every way imaginable. One of the biggest hurdle for ladies nowadays is finding something fashionable and reasonably priced. We realize that less modest dresses are a dime a dozen and don’t cost much more. We constantly strive to offer our dresses at the lowest prices we can to make your life easier and reward your conviction that dressing modestly is worth it!

We are especially pleased to offer modest wedding dresses at a reasonable price point. You may notice that our wedding dresses are a lot more inexpensive than other retailers. In fact, we often have people asking if something is wrong with them. Not at all! We simply believe in passing the savings along to you!

At Virtuous Prom, we embrace women of all cultures and faiths and applaude your decision to dress modestly in a world that so often doesn’t value the virtue of women. Virtuous Prom ships globally to over forty countries including Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Brazil, Canada, the US, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, France and Italy. Whether modesty to you is a cap sleeve, short ­slee­ve or wrist-length sleeves, we honor your quest for beautifully modest dresses!

We love our customers and there’s no better feeling than knowing you’ll have the perfect dress for your special day. We love doing custom work and are so pleased to offer custom wedding dresses starting at $400 and custom prom dresses starting at $150. There’s absolutely no additional fees for custom dress consultations – we just love making your dreams come true!

In addition to providing complete flexibility in terms of design, we are also happy to research any and all historical and aesthetic periods and trends in great detail. So whether you’re looking for a 16th century Renaissance gown or a 1920′s dress reminiscent of Downton Abby, we are happy to help. Our designer, Evie I., has a master’s degree in archaeology, a strong background in ancient civilizations and art history and is a fourth generation antique collector.

So whether you have a picture, a pinterest board or just an idea, drop us a line at We’d love to hear from you!

For all your special days you deserve the perfect dress.