Model Behavior

It seems almost impossible, but this time two years ago, I was looking for a modest dress to wear while performing as a harpist. No matter how many times or how I googled it, modest dresses really weren’t available online. There were a few websites scattered across the internet, but either they were so user-unfriendly or they were so out of my price range.

I’m all for paying good money for a great dress, but $300-500 for a formal dress? If that was outside of my price point, what were teenage girls doing?

And so began the idea of Virtuous Prom. The first months of 2013 were filled with hours and hours of research and reflection. Then came the decision to start the business and since then time has flown by. Our first model was blessed with a baby boy this past December (Congrats, K!), just on the heels of that our darling Paige announced her engagement to the eternally lucky Wade.

I’ll freely admit, I have more than a little nostaliga about our “little Paige” getting married. When we had our first photo shoot with her she had *JUST* turned eighteen. Looking back at her film, it’s easy to see how she effortlessly transitioned from a beautiful young lady to a gorgeous woman.



Yup, that’s our little Paigling. It seems impossible that tomorrow we’re meeting up for a dress consultation for HER WEDDING DRESS!

Time flies by, seasons change, and in this I am reminded to be thankful for the time we are given, the wonderful friends we meet and to treasure each moment in that very moment.

Things are happening fast for our little company and one of our upcoming changes we’re thrilled to announce is that we have a new model! We are so excited to work with the gorgeous Cynthia in our upcoming collection “Be Mine!”


Cynthia, we can’t wait to work with you! You are so beautiful and have such a sweet personality! A lot of changes are going to happen for Virtuous Prom in 2015 so stay tuned! These updates are just the first of many.

Happy 2015! May it be a wonderful and blessed year for you all!

One thought on “Model Behavior

  1. Your website and dresses are so inspiring that you just feel enamored of the beauty. It’s like taking place in another time where everything is so romantic and new.

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