I Have the Best, Best Friends (and Business Partners!)

Don’t be deceived by our gorgeous dresses and photographs – Virtuous Prom is hard work! Behind every beautiful shot is hours of work, fretting, deliberation, blood, sweat and tears.

I love every second of it, but it’s been an uphill battle from our very first photo shoot. Each step of the way, we’ve learned something new. Each new revelation is a priceless gift that propels us leaps and bounds towards our goals, but it’s always bittersweet. Almost two years into being Virtuous Prom’s Creative Director, each twist in the learning curve makes me look back and wish “If only I knew that back then…”

To say I kick myself for past ignorance and mistakes is an understatement, but I never beat myself up. There’s just no room to! Every time I get to feeling dejected or demoralized, one of my two amazing business partners always comes to my emotional rescue (most of the time without even knowing I’m feeling low).

Today, as I enter my second week with the flu, I wasn’t having my best day.  In fact, I was feeling very low. Then along came Brandon. Without knowing the kind of day I was having, Brandon reached out to me and asked how he could help out more with the day to day concerns of the business. In doing so, he lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. He went out of his way to immediately implicate what needed to be done today. and when I saw his work it was the best surprise I could have asked for.

I have the best, best friends (and business partners too!). Thanks, you guys! We could never had made it this far without each other.

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