Ordering Online – the Leap of Faith

I want to start out by saying ordering from Virtuous Prom is not for everyone, and I mean that in a good way.

Some people really need to try a dress on to make a decision. Others need to feel the fabric and see the quality for themselves before making a purchase. Some are blessed to live in areas where modest fashion is more accessible and sometimes their price point is slightly lower.

Virtuous Prom isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK.

Ordering online, especially for big ticket items like your wedding dress, can be scary, especially when so many people online are disingenuous and looking to take advantage of others. However, there are tremendous advantages that make the leap of faith shorter and easier.

The more we work with young ladies and women across the globe, the more we see how Virtuous Prom becomes the right choice for our customers.

  • Custom Measurements – Having the option to custom make (almost) every dress is a huge plus, especially for those of us that are taller or shorter than average, have figures that don’t fit “straight sizes” (for example, my waist is usually two sizes smaller than my other measurements!), etc. Many brides don’t know this, but alterations for a gown can cost $500 or more – sometimes more than the dress cost itself! When a dress is made exactly for you there simply isn’t a need for alterations because the dress isn’t a size 4, 10 or 14. It’s a size you.
  • Price Point – Simply put, our prices are hard to beat. With wedding dresses starting at $275 and prom dresses starting at $70, it’s easy to see why.
  • Custom Designs – Whether you know exactly what you want (we’ve gotten a few drawings submitted!) or can’t quite figure it out, we love working with our customers to design a one of the kind, gorgeous dress that perfectly reflects their vision.
  • The Personal Touch – We’re a family business that believes in direct accountability to our customers. We enjoy working with our customers, meeting with them, and sometimes even going to their weddings!

However our customers find us, we love working them! Our customers really are the best part of our business!


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