Behind the Scenes of “Be Mine”

Yesterday we shot the second installment of our collection  “Be Mine.” Preparation for the shoot had begun in earnest about a week earlier, but no matter how much planning we do beforehand, there’s always so much more to do day of!

The early morning hours found us “blinging” out a pair of glass slippers, steaming the dress, doing hair and make up and… trying to find a Price Charming for our Cinderella. Our first string Prince had fallen through and we were scrambling for a replacement. Fortunately, our very own knight in shining armor arrived just in time and we were off the Mesa Arts Center to shoot our baby blue gown Ella against a gorgeous Arizonan sunset.

There we met up with William of W Gates Photography and his lovely assistant, Lisa. One of the bad things about shooting with a sunset is the sunset won’t wait for you to get that extra shot in (no matter how nicely you ask) and…. it may not show up at all!

Our sunset yesterday was a no show – not a streak of orange, yellow or pink in sight, just grey, overcast clouds. No worries, though – our photographer had come with a Plan B and C and the shoot turned out beautifully! We can’t wait to reveal the pictures very soon, but in the meantime here are a few behind the scene sneak peaks!



FullSizeRender IMG_2717

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