Standing with Seth

We at Virtuous Prom usually don’t keep up with “trending” hashtags or with what’s going viral online (I’m honestly not sure how hashtags even got started or how they work!), but yesterday we happened along a new hashtag: #wearyellowforseth

For once it wasn’t a violent tragedy in the news or something about a celebrity. This trending hashtag is about a little boy in hospital who loves yellow.

Seth is five years old and was born with a condition that leaves him without a functioning immune system. He is currently in hospital awaiting his second bone marrow transplant. There is great hope that this operation will help Seth’s immune system jump start and help him lead a more normal, active and healthy life.

In the meantime, Seth is cooped up in a small isolation room. His parents and baby brother are allowed to visit as long as they are healthy, but there is very little to cheer Seth up as he awaits surgery.

On March 27, Seth has a small request from everyone around the globe:

We at Virtuous Prom are so excited to wear yellow on March 27 (including the puppies!) and hope you do as well.

In addition, 50% of proceeds from the sale of yellow dresses will indefinitely go to The Bubble Foundation. The Bubble Foundation helps fund research for conditions like Seth’s and helps support families like Seth’s. Without The Bubble Foundation Seth’s mum and baby brother would have to stay four hours away.

So often in this day and age it’s easy to feel powerless and defeated by all the sorrow and sadness in the world. This upcoming week, on March 27, it’s easy to make a big difference in this little boy’s life. On March 27, wear yellow – make a smile, make a difference, make joy. ❤

What’s in This Season

Last week I got asked the question, “What’s in this season?”

It’s a question I get asked asked from time to time, and while I usually know the “right” answer, the longer we are in business the more apparent it becomes that most women and young ladies aren’t interested in looking and dressing like everyone else. They’re interested in being themselves and expressing who they are.

I’m endlessly amazed by the creativity of our customers. It’s a wonderful feeling to see someone respond to one of our designs, but it’s even more exciting to see them use that design as a jumping off point for creating a dress that perfectly expresses their own tastes.

I recently had a darling customer come in to see our dress Bailey in person.


While she liked the style, the conversation quickly turned towards another dress she spotted, Valerie.


Eyes all alight, my customer (and now friend) asked if it was possible to make the skirt out of chiffon. Her mom shot her a look of warning as if to say, “Don’t push your luck!” But it was really fine – it was more than fine, it was exciting! Here was a girl who knew what she wanted and instead of pulling a dress off the rack, she was designing what would go on the rack herself. She wasn’t confining herself to the fashion dictates of another. She wasn’t boxing herself into being a cookie-cutter size. She was getting something custom made for her.

It was so exciting to see the finished product, and even more exciting when she reported that it fit like a glove. Getting this picture, however, made our week.


So what’s in this season? Being yourself. It’s timeless, effortless, elegant and always in fashion.

When Should I Order My Wedding Dress?

We get asked this question a lot at Virtuous Prom. Truth be told, there isn’t an easy or simple answer that is right for everyone. Some people want their dress a year in advance, others are racing against the calendar to lose some weight before the big day. It’s a complicated question and one that can get a little sensitive. After all, ultimately, it is a combination of monumental wedding stress and issues of body image.

Our philosophy is that earlier is usually better. Many brides (including myself) have found great comfort in trying on their wedding dress months beforehand, admiring it in the closet and being able to think, If anything else goes wrong, at least I have the dress!

Traditionally, wedding dresses had alterations at six months out, two months, one month, two weeks and then a few days before. Personally, we think this overkill. After all, when you’re buying a wedding dress from Virtuous Prom, you’re buying a size you anyway, so the only reason you’d need alterations is if you’re planning on toning up or losing weight.

This leads to the most complicated question in deciding when to submit measurements and order your dress. How much (if any) weight are you hoping to lose? We always cringe when we hear brides say they’re hoping to lose a lot of weight. After all, your future husband fell in love with you at this weight. He loves you this way. However, we do understand the pressure our society heaps upon women to be thin and we know that you’ll want to look at your wedding pictures with pride and joy for years to come.

If you’re hoping to lose a bit of weight, we do suggest you wait until you are least halfway to your goal to order or no longer than two and a half months out from your wedding date, whichever is longer.

We will always suggest ordering your dress sooner rather than later. No one needs more stress around their wedding than absolutely necessary and our stress levels go up when we’re mailing off a wedding dress with the wedding day right around the corner.

In sum, if you’re at the size you’d like to be (or quite close) and know what you want, order as soon as you can. If you’re hoping to slim down, wait until you’re closer to your goal, but don’t wait more than two and a half months out to order. After all, wedding dresses take 6-8 weeks to ship from the time they are ordered and nobody wants to receive their dress the week of the wedding!

Whatever your situation, we wish you the very best of luck in planning your big day!