How to Live Like a Princess on a Jester’s Budget

Preparing for prom, homecoming or your wedding day can be hard on a budget, but never fear! Here are seven easy tips to live like a princess on the budget of a jester: Ella

1) Save Money on Alterations By Having Your Dress Custom Made

Many people assume custom made dresses are more expensive, but with Virtuous Prom custom made dresses starting at just $160, you’re almost guaranteed to save money in alterations. After all, even cheap alterations like hemming your dress can be $20-30 dollars. 2) When you can, DIY! With so many great tips on Pinterest and Youtube it’s easy to save money on having your nails, hair and make-up professionally done. When in doubt, enlist the help of your talented best friend, sister or mom! Local cosmetology schools are also a great way to be pampered on a budget! 3) Make Some One of a Kind Accessories! Punch up a simple formal by getting crafty with your accessories. You can glue some rhinestones on a hair comb, or buy some beads from a craft store and string them together to make a necklace. Better yet, throw a craft party for you and your friends and you can all make your own jewelry. 4) Shop Smart Take extra time to shop around for good deals. If you don’t see a deal, create your own! Many small business owners are happy to give group discounts when asked. It’s a simple and easy way to score a deal on things like boutineers or a group of bridesmaids’ dresses! 5) Steam Your Dress Yourself Making sure your dress is perfect and wrinkle free usual takes a steamer, but did you know you can simply hang your gown while you take a hot shower and (literally) steam it that way? It’s just as effective and (even better) it saves time too! 6) Have a Prom Picnic The weather is generally very nice during prom season, and it’s a great time for a romantic picnic! Consider doing a prom picnic or potluck, and enjoy the nice weather before going inside to dance. It’s a great way to spend some good one on one time with your date or quality time with your friends as well! 7) Avoid Official Prom Pictures Official Prom Pictures can be expensive and you usually only get one take! Skip the official shots and ask a friend to take your picture. Having shots reprinted can be as little as $0.39 at places like Target and Walgreen’s. 8) Above All – Have a Great Time! There’s no better way to shine on your big day than by having confidence in who you are and having a great time!

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