Introducing Kailey

Love the look of halter tops but love modesty more? Meet Kaylie, our  new modest halter-top dress!


Special thanks to our wonderful model Kailey and J.Glover Photography for such an amazing shoot!


The Question of “Plus Sizes”

One of the questions we often get asked is if we charge more for plus sizes. The short answer is no, absolutely not; but we get asked this question often enough that we wanted to write about why we choose not to.

We at Virtuous Prom choose not to charge more for plus sizes because we firmly believe that the message Fashion as an industry sends is wrong and in some cases dangerous and fatal. The Fashion Industry tells women (and girls) that they are not enough – not thin enough, not tan enough, not beautiful enough. They do this for one reason – greed. The worse you feel about you goes hand in hand with their ability to convince you that if you buy their product you too will be happy, thin and good enough.

We believe the exact opposite. We believe you’re beautiful as you are and perfect in your imperfections. Not everyone is a size 2, 0 or a 00 and that’s just fine! We’re all uniquely made and we believe there is beauty in diversity. That’s part of the┬áreason we love working with models of all shapes and sizes.



The message the Fashion Industry sends isn’t just wrong – it’s dangerous. We’ve all heard stories of women who have died or been seriously harmed by anorexia, laxative abuse or bulimia. There have even been documented cases of anorexia in girls as young as eight.

We can’t drown out the message the Fashion Industry sends overnight, but we’re doing our best to send out a more positive message – that each girl is beautiful just as she is and that we celebrate the beauty of diversity. Part of how we affirm that is by not charging more for “plus sizes.” In all honestly, that’s not even a term we use.

So do we charge more for “plus sizes”? Absolutely not!


Be Yourself. You’re Beautiful.

That’s not a message that the fashion industry sends out much, is it? It’s hard to open a magazine, click on a website or turn on the TV without feeling that you really need to be thinner, taller, tanner, richer and a host of other things.

We believe something different, however. We believe we’re all perfect, even in imperfection. Be yourself. You’re Be-you-ti-ful!Beyoutiful