Avoiding Dress Stress

It’s that time of year where around the country, down every school hall, girls nervously await being asked to homecoming.


Rumors fly, expectations are set and then the waiting begins… and goes on… and on… and on….

For most teenage boys, asking out their crush is a daunting task. It takes a lot of courage to ask a girl you consider amazing and beautiful to spend time with you – especially a whole evening when expectations are unavoidably high.

I was never a teenage boy, so I can’t fully attest to their struggle, but I do remember asking out my crush to my school’s dance. Nate was home schooled, sweet and incredibly good looking. We knew each other casually from church, but as I picked up the phone to call to ask him to the dance, I felt my stomach drop out and my heart beat like a jackhammer. Nate fortunately said yes, but ladies, let me tell you – the experience was traumatic nonetheless!

As you’re waiting to be asked, just remember how hard it is for all of us to put ourselves out on the line and risk rejection. Be patient. And in the meantime, set yourself up for success by avoiding what I’ve lovingly termed “dress stress.”

Dress Stress/ [dres] [stres]/noun


  1. Waiting until the last moment for your crush to ask you to the dance, only to discover finding an appropriate dress is nearly impossible due to shortness of time.

Around this time of year, I get quite a few clients experiencing “dress stress.” They’ve just been asked to the dance (hooray!) but the lack of time to find a dress in addition to the struggle of finding modest formals in general leads to severe “dress stress.”

How does one avoid this? Get your dress early of course! I know traditionally most girls want to go with a date, but most of my high school dance experiences were with a group of my girlfriends and we had a blast! In fact, I think in some ways we had more fun – we could fully be ourselves, didn’t have to stress about the question of a good night kiss and we just had a good time.

6 - Crystal, Joli, Knox, Le Fleur

Going with a date, especially your crush can be amazing. But going with a group of friends can be just as fun. So get your dress early and if Mr. Perfect plucks up his courage, hooray! You’re already ready. If not, you have a gorgeous dress hanging in your closet and a great night already planned with your besties, which, in my book beats staying at home dejected the night of the dance any day of the week!


Behind the Scenes of “Be Mine”

Yesterday we shot the second installment of our collection  “Be Mine.” Preparation for the shoot had begun in earnest about a week earlier, but no matter how much planning we do beforehand, there’s always so much more to do day of!

The early morning hours found us “blinging” out a pair of glass slippers, steaming the dress, doing hair and make up and… trying to find a Price Charming for our Cinderella. Our first string Prince had fallen through and we were scrambling for a replacement. Fortunately, our very own knight in shining armor arrived just in time and we were off the Mesa Arts Center to shoot our baby blue gown Ella against a gorgeous Arizonan sunset.

There we met up with William of W Gates Photography and his lovely assistant, Lisa. One of the bad things about shooting with a sunset is the sunset won’t wait for you to get that extra shot in (no matter how nicely you ask) and…. it may not show up at all!

Our sunset yesterday was a no show – not a streak of orange, yellow or pink in sight, just grey, overcast clouds. No worries, though – our photographer had come with a Plan B and C and the shoot turned out beautifully! We can’t wait to reveal the pictures very soon, but in the meantime here are a few behind the scene sneak peaks!



FullSizeRender IMG_2717