Modest Fashion at the 2015 American Music Awards

This past weekend we were so excited to check out the red carpet fashion at this year’s American Music Awards.The past few award seasons have seen an increase in modest gowns and we were pumped to see what the 2015 AMA’s had in store. Unfortunately, there was noticeable lack of modesty. In fact, there were an incredible amount of outlandishly immodest gowns – one of which was actually censored by the press!

One performer, however, stood out of the crowd with her classic, modest and elegant black gown: Meghan Trainor.


Meghan Trainor rarely fails to impress when it comes to her modest wardrobe. You may remember her gorgeous gown from the Billboard Music Awards this past year. Yup, Meghan keeps it classy and stylish!


So here’s a shoutout to Ms. Trainor for not only being an amazing performer, but also for being an amazing example to young women worldwide. Here is a woman who has openly embraced her body type in a clear rejection of Hollywood’s dangerously unhealthy standards of beauty and shown young women everywhere that they can be elegant, glamorous¬†and modest.

2014 American Music Awards -  Red Carpet








So here’s to you, Meghan. Thank you for your shining example and for your great style!


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Modest Red Carpet Fashion at the 2015 Creative Emmys

Some of the gorgeous, modest red carpet looks from this year’s 2015 Creative Emmys

Julianne Hough wearing a gorgeous gown by designer Jenny Packham


The beautiful Hunter King

IMG_5844Singer Addie Hamilton in a beautiful vintage inspired gown

IMG_5845Actress Rowan Blanchard wearing Paule Ka

Modest Red Carpet Looks from the 2015 Billboard Music Awards

This year’s Billboard’s yielded some great modest fashion and not a little controversy as well. Here are some of our favorites from this year’s walk down the red carpet.


‘Cause she’s all about that bling, ’bout that bling, no treble! We loved Meghan Trainor in her gorgeous black sequin gown. Her heels are to die for as well!

Billboard - Kerr

Radio personality Kerri Kasem looked equally stunning in her white and red embroidered gown. We especially love the hourglass illusion that the floral motif creates.

Billboard-Band Perry - Kimberly Perry

Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry looked stunning in her heavily jewel encrusted (and tan lined) bodice which was perfectly complemented by a gorgeous oyster white satin skirt.

And what discussion of modest Billboard fashion wouldn’t be complete without the fabulously talented and oh so gorgeous Ms. Lindsey Sterling?


There has been a lot of discussion as to whether or not Lindsey’s dress qualifies as modest. Yes, everything is covered up (her dress is lined although this isn’t readily apparent in some pictures), but this leads to the conundrum all us ladies face: Does being covered up completely encompass modesty or is there more to the picture? Yes, Lindsey was covered up, but some have objected that the pattern is suggestive and the cut of the dress is revealingly tight.


Lindsey_Stirling_Red_Carpet_Fashion_BBMA_2015- Billboard

Whatever you’re opinion, this year’s Billboards offered some great fashion and encourages us that so many celebs are taking a step in the more modest direction!

Behind the Scenes of Odile

Behind the scenes photos brought you by Megan’s iPhone!



The minute the wind picked up it was like magic!


K & M were such a darling couple to work with!
imageimageimageimageTired feet after a long day!


Like the ice votives? Stay tuned for our DIY article!
imageimageThe photographer’s choice from the evening. Stay tuned for the edited pictures of our gorgeous dress, Odile!

A behind the scenes glimpse would not be complete without a time lapse video of part of the evening!

A time lapse of part of our shoot!